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Togggle Press Kit

Welcome to the Togggle Press Kit, a valuable resource for journalists, media professionals, and partners seeking official Togggle assets.

Logo Assets and Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in featuring Togggle and are delighted to provide you with the necessary materials to accurately represent our brand identity.

Logo Guidelines

To ensure the proper and consistent use of Togggle logos, we have prepared a comprehensive Logo Guidelines PDF. This document serves as a reference for correctly incorporating our logos into your projects, providing essential instructions on logo usage, clear space requirements, color palette, and more.

We highly recommend reviewing this guide before utilizing our logos to maintain the authenticity and visual harmony of the Togggle brand. You can download the Logo Guidelines PDF to gain a deeper understanding of our brand identity and maximize the impact of your Togggle-related content.

- See Togggle logo guidelines

Logo Assets

In this section, you will find a selection of Togggle logos available for download. These logos represent the visual embodiment of our brand, combining modernity with a touch of elegance.

We offer various formats and color variations to accommodate different design requirements.

Please ensure that you refer to the accompanying logo guidelines to accurately and respectfully utilize our logos in your media coverage, publications, and other promotional materials.

- See Togggle logos

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with or if you require further information. We are committed to supporting your endeavours in representing the Togggle brand accurately and professionally.