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Our Company

We believe that a truly decentralized financial identity for every person is the biggest missing piece in the identity verification landscape.

“There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked.”

Robert S. Mueller, III, former Director of the FBI

Federated identity systems’ downsides directly impact Companies relying on them: slow on-boarding time, high bounce rate during registration and exposure to liability for security issues.

Togggle solves all the mentioned inefficiencies through an ultra-secure system Privileged Identity Management Sytems (PIMS) based on decentralized storage and built around Companies’ and Users’ needs.

Our Mission

We want to become the world’s first decentralized data bank. Why?

At Togggle, we believe everyone has the right to take ownership of their digital identity and control which data is shared with what companies.

Furthermore, we want to empower businesses to seamlessly and securely verify the identity of their customers without being prone to customer data management risks.

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Our Goals

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Build the Future of Verification

We envision a world that seamlessly verifies identity, freeing users from the requirement to carry physical documents. Digital identities will be securely stored in the cloud and verified by many independent services around the globe.

The vision is simple; a future where a user's identity is securely stored digitally and unencumbered by paper documents, ensuring the secure and efficient movement of goods and services globally.

Help Businesses

Compliance is key for onboarding new customers, no matter where the business is located. Our onboarding automation is designed to make it easy for businesses everywhere to comply with AML/KYC rules and regulations in different countries (for example Germany has strict regulations on that).

We want to help businesses expand their operations and reach new markets without running into jurisdictional requirements.

Protect People

Our mission is to make the internet a safer place, protect people and prevent fraud. We want to eliminate document forgery and identity spoofing, as well as money laundering.

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