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Identity Verification.

We’re using blockchain technology to help businesses effortlessly verify their customers’ identity whilst decentralising data storage and empowering individuals to have better control of their personal data.

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Our Solutions

We’re using blockchain technology to decentralise the storage of personal data and design tailored identity verification workflows for your business.

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    Liveness Check

    Our Genuine Presence Assurance (GPA) solution ensures you’re dealing with a real person at onboarding with technology designed to detect fake pictures and prevent new account fraud.

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    ID Document Verification

    Our algorithm uses Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) technology to extract the relevant encoded information and verify the validity and ownership of the document to avoid fraud risk.

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    Face Match

    Verify genuine presence and ownership of identification documents with technology designed to ensure the Liveness Check matches the photo identification.

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    IP Check

    Verify your customers are authorised users of their IP address with technology designed to detect unauthorised fraudsters and prevent bots.

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    AML Check

    Prevent interactions with high-risk entities at onboarding and avoid potential financial crimes with our Anti-Money Laundering solution.

How it works

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Instant onboarding

We’ve designed a frictionless onboarding flow that means our ecosystem of customers only ever have to complete onboarding once. When they join a company already using Togggle they are instantly verified.

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Decentralised storage

The majority of KYC providers operate in a centralised environment exposing them and their customers to data breaches. At Togggle we use blockchain technology to decentralise data storage, protecting you and your customers.

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Compliance ready

Keeping up with everchanging compliance is time consuming and expensive. Focus on what matters most, scaling your business, and leave the identity verification, compliance and storage to us.

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