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Secure & Simplify KYC

With Togggle's Decentralized Verification Service

Explore Togggle's innovative KYC platform, a streamlined, secure solution for your business's identity verification needs. Our decentralized approach focuses on privacy, efficiency, and compliance, enhancing your processes with advanced technology. Experience the future of KYC management with Togggle, where we blend security with simplicity for optimal performance.

Togggle's Commitment to Permission-First Identification & Safe Storage

Our decentralized verification service not only ensures robust security but also simplifies the entire KYC procedure. With Togggle, businesses can streamline their identity verification processes, ensuring compliance with regulations without compromising on efficiency or user experience.

Togggle's advanced KYC-as-a-Service enhances compliance for financial institutions with robust, streamlined verification processes, ensuring regulatory adherence and operational efficiency.

Togggle harnesses the power of decentralization to provide a KYC service that protects individual privacy while enabling businesses to verify identities reliably and effortlessly.

The first touchpoint in customer interaction is onboarding, and making this process smooth and reliable is key to long-term success. Togggle’s ID verification solutions are designed to streamline onboarding, reduce friction, and provide a welcoming experience for your customers.

Togggle provides decentralized identity verification solutions specifically for global KYC-regulation compliance. We help businesses prevent, detect and resolve customer related issues.


We understand that you may have questions about our technology and services, and we're here to provide answers. This section is designed to address the most common questions we receive from our clients and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your compliance and fraud prevention needs.

What is Togggle Reusable Credentials?
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Togggle Reusable Credentials is an identity verification solution that offers businesses a frictionless, secure, and effortless way to verify customer identities, comply with regulations, and protect customer data and privacy.

How does Togggle's advanced identity verification system work?
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Togggle's advanced identity verification system uses a permission-first identification workflow and secure storage technologies to store and share customer data only with authorized parties. This eliminates the need for businesses to repeatedly ask customers for the same personal information and documentation, streamlining the process and saving time for both parties.

How can I integrate Togggle's KYC solution into my business?
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Integration is simple. Contact our team for a tailored solution that fits seamlessly into your existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

What is One-Step KYC service, and how does it work?
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One-Step KYC service is Togggle's frictionless, user-friendly, and efficient way to verify customer identities, comply with regulatory requirements, and mitigate fraud risks. It allows businesses to verify customer identities with a single request, without the need for repeated requests for personal information and documentation.

How does Togggle ensure data privacy and regulatory compliance?
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Togggle's solutions fully comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. The permission-first identification workflow and secure storage technologies ensure that customer data is stored and shared only with authorized parties, protecting customer data and privacy while complying with regulatory requirements.

What makes Togggle's KYC solution user-friendly?
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Togggle focuses on reducing friction in the onboarding process, offering streamlined, user-friendly interfaces that make customer verification a seamless part of the user experience.

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