October 19, 2023
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Redefining KYC with Togggle: Future of Identity Verification

One fundamental business principle reigns supreme in 2023: knowing your customer.

Adherence to Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations prevent fraud, money laundering, and other financial crime. However, the traditional methods of KYC can be time-consuming and intricate and often cause friction in the user experience, leading potential customers to abandon the process mid-way. This is where Togggle, a pioneering company in the field of identity verification, steps in to transform the KYC landscape.

At the heart of the KYC process is the KYC Analyst, a professional role requiring a specialised skill set tailored to meet KYC compliance's demands. The Analyst is required to have proficiency in several areas. Firstly, observation is vital, ensuring that operations are conducted within the rules and regulations set by governing bodies. Communication Skills are also necessary, enabling effective collaboration with various stakeholders and transparent reporting of findings.

The Analyst should be adept at Documentation, allowing for the meticulous recording of customer information and evidence of their due diligence efforts. The KYC Analyst must also be proficient in Due Diligence procedures to assess the risk associated with each customer and take appropriate measures. They should deeply understand Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes to detect and prevent illicit activities.

In addition, the KYC Analyst should have solid capabilities in Onboarding Management, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for welcoming new clients. They need to be Detail Oriented, a quality that helps scrutinise information and spot inconsistencies.

The job also calls for proactive individuals who can identify potential issues before they escalate, and the ability to work independently is a valuable asset. Finally, being skilled in Remediation Assessment is essential for rectifying any problems identified during the KYC process, ensuring compliance and safeguarding the organisation's reputation.

However, even with these skills, the traditional KYC process can be challenging, leading to user friction that can deter potential customers. This is where Togggle comes into play.

Togggle: Revolutionizing Automated KYC Compliance

Togggle has dedicated its expertise to providing decentralised identity verification solutions tailored explicitly for global KYC-regulation compliance. Its mission is to help businesses prevent, detect, and resolve customer-related issues with cutting-edge, next-generation technology.

The Togggle platform offers an array of innovative solutions:

  1. Liveness Check: This technology detects fake pictures and verifies unique facial features, ensuring a genuine person is present during onboarding. This eliminates the risk of fraudsters using stolen or fake identification documents.
  2. Face Match: This feature verifies identification documents' genuine presence and ownership. It ensures the person undergoing the Liveness Check matches the photo identification, adding an extra layer of security.
  3. ID Document Verification: Togggle's algorithm uses Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) technology to extract the relevant encoded information from identification documents, match them with government databases, and verify the validity and ownership of the paper to avoid fraud risk.
  4. AML Check: This solution helps prevent interactions with high-risk entities during onboarding and avoid potential financial crimes. It is a crucial tool in the fight against money laundering.
  5. IP Check: This feature verifies that customers are authorised users based on their IP address. This technology detects unauthorised users and prevents bots, providing additional security against fraudsters.
The Benefits of Decentralized KYC

Togggle is a powerful tool that benefits governments, organisations, and enterprises. With Togggle, you can achieve and maintain global KYC, Customer Due Diligence (CDD), and AML compliance. It lets you stay up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements, alleviating the stress of constant regulatory changes.

Togggle also helps you prevent any fraudulent activities. Its sophisticated solutions protect your business against fraud schemes, ensuring your peace of mind. Furthermore, Togggle assists in scaling customer onboarding globally. Whether a small startup or a multinational corporation, Togggle can help you streamline your customer onboarding process, reducing friction and improving user experience.

Togggle utilises both automated and manual verification checks to confirm user identity. These checks include ID verification, source of funds checks, customer due diligence, and watchlist screening. With Togggle, you can provide decentralised, reusable credentials, empowering both the customer and the enterprise. This leads to a frictionless onboarding process, promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Taking the Next Step with Togggle

Getting started is easy if you're ready to experience the transformative power of Togggle's KYC solutions. Togggle offers free demos and is prepared to help you and your business navigate the future of personal data management. With offices in London, Milan, and California, Togggle is accessible to companies around the globe.

Togggle offers a new, effective, and efficient approach to KYC compliance. It combines cutting-edge technology with an intuitive interface to deliver a seamless, customer-friendly onboarding process. By relieving the burden on KYC Analysts and enhancing the user experience, Togggle is truly redefining KYC compliance.

Keep the complexities of KYC compliance from hindering your business growth. Choose Togggle, the ultimate solution for KYC and AML compliance, and take a step towards a safer, smoother, and more secure future.

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