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Our Company

Our Mission

We want to become the world’s first decentralised data bank. Why? At Togggle, we believe everyone has the right to take ownership of their digital identity and control which data is shared with what companies.

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Furthermore, we want to empower businesses to seamlessly and securely verify the identity of their customers without being prone to customer data management risks.

Our Team

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Founder & CEO
portrait of Chandan, the CTO of Togggle

Our Values

  • Transparency

    We believe that people should have complete transparency over which companies are collecting their personal data and why it’s being used

  • Control

    We believe that people should have end to end control of their personal data and have the necessary tools to manage who has access and how it’s used

  • Ownership

    We believe that people have the right to own their digital identity and have sole access to where their personal data is stored

  • Equality

    We believe that companies have unfairly benefited from people’s personal data for far too long and believe it’s time to reward people for their personal data

  • Purpose

    We believe in building humane technology which empowers the individual and adds real value to the world, beyond making money

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Our Clients

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